Rotha Group is a Turkish company established with the aim of gaining a permanent place in the Balkan market by a company that has been operating in the cleaning and cosmetics sectors in Turkey for many years and exporting its products worldwide. The company aims to reach consumers in the Balkan geography with its innovative products and quality service approach.

The roots of the company partners in the Balkans played an important role in the establishment of the Rotha Group. This connection reinforces the company's commitment and understanding of the region, while at the same time encouraging a way of doing business that is compatible with Balkan culture and values.

Rotha Group offers its customers comprehensive logistics solutions, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation and storage of their products. With modern warehousing facilities and advanced inventory management systems, the company offers flexible and customized services to suit the needs of its customers.

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Rotha Group specializes in the production of high quality products in the cleaning and cosmetics sectors. With modern production facilities and experienced staff, it offers its customers innovative and environmentally friendly products. The company guarantees the safety and effectiveness of its products through continuous R&D and quality control processes.

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Rotha Group exports cleaning and cosmetic products to many countries around the world, while also importing raw materials and semi-finished products from its strategic partners. In compliance with international trade regulations and quality standards, the company offers its customers and business partners a reliable and smooth trading experience.

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